Special Events
orthodox-church.jpg afar-13.jpg Ethiopia is famous for the vast number of cultural and religious ceremonies and events  - whatever time of year you visit are likely to enjoy a spectacle of colour and music.

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Ashenda (Girls carnival) at Mekelle
One of the biggest towns in the Ethiopia next to Addis Ababa and it is treasured by another special occasion called ‘ASHENDA’ that takes place every year, between 22-24 August. It is an event most yearned by girls. Young girls dressed in beautiful traditional outfits and in small groups, go from house to house singing and dancing. These lovely girls putting on their best apparel and personality celebrate the occasion continuously for three days.


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The thousand stars festival at Arba Minch
South Ethiopia Peoples and Nationalities Music Festival at ArmaMinch will take place in the southern part of Ethiopia, falling on around late October every year. The festival will feature a mixture of famous Ethiopian pop singers and different local ethnic groups especially from Omo valley. Starts in afternoon the music will continue till late afternoon.


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The great Ethiopia Run
If your are planning to participate the yearly great Ethiopian run, a big running event among the biggest and first of its kind in Africa organized by the famous Haile Gebre Selassie, the greatest long distance runner in the world and most famous for his numerous athletic records and held on November 18 ever year. Many known long distance athletes participate. People of all ages numbering 30,000 or more participate in this great international event, counting it as a great joy and privilege to run with world class athletes (Ethiopians & Kenyans).
Besides the joy of running, people have a lot of fun in this event. One can see people with different skills showing their abilities, telling jokes, singing songs and all manner of funny things. The other nice thing about this event is that everyone receives a medal for his/her participation, but to do so, they have to finish the race. Please contact us for detailed information

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Abebe Bikilla Marathon race
If your are planning to participate the yearly marathon game held on June every year in memory of the famous and twice gold medal winner Abebe Bikilla - the first African athlete to win in the Roma and Tokyo Olympics. Please contact us for detailed information.