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Ethiopia, once called Abyssinia, is a hidden paradise and one of Africa’s most fascinating countries. It is a land rich in culture and tradition with extensive historic sites, stunning landscapes and fascinating people and cultures... Rock hewn churches, ancient obelisks, the medieval town of Harar, the Blue Nile and the rugged Simien Mountains. We take you on a tour beyond your expectations.  

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What other country can boast such rich archeology, anthropology. The oldest hominid (Australopithecus Ramidus) - a new species 4 was discovered in Ethiopia and is thought to be 4 million years old. Ethiopia is the home to Lucy's fossils (3.2 million) years old, and recent findings suggest the earliest ape man lived in Ethiopia 5 million years ago.
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Historic monuments
Ethiopia has a wealth of pre-Christian and Christian historic monuments. Ethiopia’s historic sites are the most extensive out of the whole Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Axum: is believed to be shelter to the “Ark of the Covenant” and pre-Christian monolithic rock monuments.
Lalibella: The amazing rock hewn churches were created by King/Saint Lalibella are locally considered as the second Jerusalem. 
Gondar: Ethiopia's capital from the middle-ages contains 13 medieval European type castles and beautifully illuminated churches. 
Bahir Dar: where Lake Tana is located, is the source of the Blue Nile and contains many historic churches and icons dating back 1000 years.
Harar: the wall of Harar (Jegol) is registered by UNICECO as world heritage. 
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Natural environment
Ethiopia’s scenery is diverse and includes lakes, forests, savannah, depressions and deserts. Its elevation ranges from 120 meters below sea level the Danakil depression, to a 4620 meter peak in the Simien Mountains. The Bale National Park is the home of many endemic mammals and birds. Big game safaris of the Awash, Nech-Sar, Omo Mago National Parks are some of the major natural tour attractions. Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and extremes: a land of remote and wild places. Some of the highest and most stunning places on the African continent are found here and some of the lowest, such as the hot but fascinating Danakil Depression, with its sulphur fumaroles and lunar-like landscape.

Ethiopia is a country for outdoor-oriented people and those interested in safaris and expeditions... One of the most striking geographical features of the country, the Great Rift Valley, is home of chain of beautiful lakes, around which many of Ethiopia’s national parks are centred. The widely varying habitats, which include mountains, lakes, deserts, savannahs and everything in between, host an astonishing array of wildlife and bird life, many of which are endemic: unique to Ethiopia. 
dte-pics-328.jpg dte-1.jpg People Ethiopia’s people who will truly entice you to this magical land. Ethiopia is the home to more than 80 ethnic groups and a number of languages and cultures.