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North / the Historic Route
Addis Ababa
Yeha Temple
Debre Damo
Bahr Dar

lalebella-1.jpg lalibella-5.jpg LALIBELLA 
“The Replica of Jerusalem” medieval capital, unofficial eighth wonder of the world. UNESCO has considered the rock-hewn churches of Lalibella as the 8th wonders of the world. Lalibella is legendary city carved from solid rock. It is just as remarkable close up as it is at a distance. It is the camouflaged, chameleon quality; however that gives the remote underground settlement its special and lasting place in the life of the highland. Here some 800 years ago, safe from prying eyes and plundering hands of hostile interloper’s noble king fashioned a secret marvel. Lalibella previously known as Roha is named after king and presents the site of a chain of rock carved out 12th century churches with astonishing architectural designs and interior decorations. Legend says that a historical myth narrates king Lalibella; on his own (with the help of angels) completed the construction of the churches. After his death the king has been designated as an Ethiopian saint.