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North / the Historic Route
Addis Ababa
Yeha Temple
Debre Damo
Bahr Dar

axum-7.jpg axum_mariam.jpg AXUM
“Lands of Legends” Axum is the sight of Ethiopian’s most ancient city and renowned for its cathedral of St. Mary of Zion where, it is claimed, the Ark of the Covenant is housed. Axum is famous for its mysterious and ancient monolithic obelisk, all hewn from single pieces of granite, some of which are carved with imagines of doors and windows. The biggest, 33 meters long and weighting over 500 tones, was the largest monolith in the world, but fell at some remote period in the past. The Obelisk of Axum - preserves an ancient history of the era of the Axumite powerful empire having trade links as far as India and China. Visitors will enjoy the sites of these monolithic obelisks and many more wonders surrounding their history, notably the Bath of the Legendary Queen of Sheba and archeological findings that depict the way of life of the Axumite period that reigned from pre Christ times up until the 11th century AD.